Basic Astrology Services


Birth Chart Readings

 Once a birth chart reading has been received, a light bulb of deep recognition goes off inside of the mind and soul.  It provides a deep "a-ha" experience of confirming what one may have felt for a very long time but not been able to put into words.  From this place of awakening, the chart provides a new landscape to journey over the course of a lifetime.  Comparisons and expectations dissolve inside of this new level of awareness, and it becomes easier to take ownership of that which is truly "yours" to carry. Astrology birth chart readings take place via zoom or in-person at Ally's office. 

On-Line Astrology Classes

6-Week Evolutionary Astrology Series


If you have been longing to study astrology in an intimate setting alongside fellow womxn who are also on a path of self-inquiry and soul exploration, this is an opportunity to do just that. Our time together will be a blend of creating sacred space (through intention sharing and simple ritual) combined with the study of evolutionary astrology and an exploration of each womxn’s chart.

Each series is a closed group requiring pre-registration (no drop-ins). This allows for a safe container that promotes continuity among the group, as well as a deeper capacity to hold the joy and vulnerability that comes with sharing our stories. No prior astrological experience is necessary. The only pre-requisite is having a birth chart reading with Ally before the series begins. 

Spring Topic: Jupiter- King of Faith

Begins Tuesday April 9 from 7:00-9:00PM EST

Meets for 6 consecutive Tuesdays

Ends on Tuesday May 14

Cost: $299.00

Location: Zoom 

Register Here

Spring 2019 Topic: Jupiter- King of Faith


Jupiter carries the mythological archetype of the King of the Gods. As such, it is known as a planet of expansion, optimism, magnetic good luck, confidence and vitality. However, 

its primary function is to establish the soul in roots of faith. Where Jupiter lands in your chart is the area of your life in which there is the greatest 

potential for spiritual growth. 

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. As my teacher Steven Forrest explains in his classic astrology text, The Inner Sky, “If we took all of the other planets, all the moons, asteroids, meteors, comets, everything but the sun, and rolled them in a ball, they still would not equal the weight of this single planet.“ Imagine all of the potential inside of this Great King. 

And yet, keep in mind that (as we learn in evolutionary astrology), every planet has a high expression and a low expression, and so, this too can be a place where overgrowth, gluttony and pomposity can occur, or simply too much growth too fast. 

We will discuss this and much more as we do a deep dive into one womyn’s chart each time we meet. This workshop is an opportunity to create community and deep conversation around the study of astrology. 

Fall Topic: Saturn- The Patient Taskmaster

Astrology Coaching Packages


Eclipse Coaching Package

The time during a cycle of eclipses is a very powerful time for transformation and conscious manifestation.  Eclipses naturally bring with them an energy of "out with the old and in with the new".  Understanding how this energy is affecting your birth chart and what area of your life is being impacted, gives you the tools you need to move with the changes rather than being swept away by them.    Ally works with the client to provide guidance and partnership during this time.  For the more intermediate/advanced astrology student, this package includes 8 coaching sessions to be used within 12 weeks.  Each session is recorded via Zoom.  


Saturn Return Coaching Package (for people ages 28-32)

It takes approximately 28-32 years for Saturn to return to its original position in the birth chart, and when it does, it is considered one of the most significant transits in the lifetime of a person.  During this time, many people experience such significant change that they become a completely new person.  It can take many forms, including but not limited to, marriage, birth of a child, divorce, relocation, life-changing study abroad, etc.  Ally provides guidance and coaching services during this time of transformation.  This package includes 9 coaching sessions that must be used  within one year.  No prior astrological experience necessary.  Each session takes place and is recorded via Zoom.  Pre-requisite: Birth Chart Reading


Chiron Return Coaching Package (for people ages 50-55)

At approximately 50-54 years, the asteroid Chiron returns to its original position in the birth chart.  Chiron is known as the "wounded healer", and as Rumi reminds us, "the wound is where the light enters you."  The Chiron return is a time when the soul is ripe for transforming past hurts.  This time offers tremendous potential for healing.  It can also be a time for self-inquiry for planning the next chapters of life.  Ally provides coaching and partnership during this time.  This package includes 9 coaching sessions that must be used  within one year.  No prior astrological experience necessary.  Each session takes place and is recorded via Zoom.  Pre-requisite: Birth Chart Reading